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Carnival in Cologne

Carnival in Cologne - Let's Celebrate!

Kölschfest - Cologne‘s top carnival event

in Germany‘s biggest and most beautiful beer tent. Thousands of revellers celebrate in Cologne‘s South Stadium to a non-stop koelsch music programme, starring top performers such as Olaf Henning, shuttle bus included. Enjoy freshly drawn Frueh-Koelsch (Cologne beer) and delicious Cologne specialities prepared by the top Koelschfest catering. This is perfected by a sophisticated security concept and modern sanitary facilities. As Koelschfest seats (has room for) more than 5000 guests and accepts reservations in advance it is ideal for groups of every size.  With top boxes or tables in the middle aisle of the elaborately decorated tent we have the ideal concept for your carnival celebration.

Kölsch Feiern

Die Kölschfest-Feiertage 2017

18.2.2017, Samstag >

23.2.2017, Weiberfastnacht >

24.2.2017, Karnevalsfreitag >
25.2.2017, Karnevalssamstag >

26.2.2017 Karnevalssonntag >

Beginn: 18.00 Uhr / Weiberfastnacht: 11.00 Uhr
Einlass: Fr.: 17.00 Uhr / Sa.+So.: 16.00 Uhr /
Weiberfastnacht: 10.00 Uhr


Three PartyguestsA great idea that excites many people

Cologne Carnival which has fired peoples‘ enthusiasm for centuries is the basic idea behind the koelschfest concept. When totally different people wear colourful, jaunty costumes, celebrate together, sing and dance and make merry, that is Cologne Carnival and Koelschfest pure and simple.

Partyguest at the Kölschfest in CologneWe recommend reservation in advance

There will be a cover charge for minimum consumption of 20€ per person upon reservation. You will receive food and drink vouchers for this amount. Free admission!


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